engage:BDR maintains several layers of demand, including direct brand and agency campaigns for display, video and native buys as well as buyers who leverage our Influencer platform to compound their reach through the use of programmatic buys allowing us to bring you incremental revenue for your ad space that cannot be accessed through other platforms or agencies.

We take fraud seriously. engageBDR employs the most sophisticated 3rd party AQ and TQ vendors in the space. Our partnership with Pixalate and The Media Trust solidifies our pledge to our clients.

engageBDR’s team is comprised of expert media buyers, focused in cultivating relationships with websites by offering cutting edge solutions that will help increase overall yield through a variety of integration types designed to remove technical integration barriers. From our unique campaigns, which net higher eCPM’s to favorable payment terms, and above industry average overall fill rates, our value speaks for itself.






Publisher Protection

We are vigilant in the fight against malware. We utilize our proprietary anti-malware scanning technology on all tags, and create a second layer of leading third-party technologies to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Creative Control

We understand that user experience is key to your business. We offer our publishers comprehensive creative control, and the ability to block irrelevant verticals of advertisers, or even specific advertisers who you have done direct deals with.


Our team of analysts is consistently utilizing rich reporting and insights to ensure your yield is optimized. They are aided by a full support and technical team to help with any issues that may arise, while keeping an eye on your bottom line.


Our influencer marketing platform, IconicReach, brings unique, differentiated demand to our publishers. These brands work with us to grow their digital footprints by including Display and Video in their marketing budgets, offering our publishers truly incremental revenue opportunities they won’t see from any of our competitors. 

Highest Fill and CPM's

Adcel’s proprietary SDK drives some of the highest effective CPM’s and fill rates in the industry without any compromise to user experience. Our average fill rates in the USA for video inventory are over 99%, allowing publishers to get rid of dozens of poor performing SDK’s in favor of one simple integration that can handle all of your monetization requirements. We make things simple- One account, one contract and one SDK to handle all of your App’s monetization needs.  

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