Mobile Mediation & SDK

engage:BDR’s proprietary mediation platform AdCel offers a robust monetization solution for publishers seeking to be able to efficiently monetize and optimize their demand stack.

AdCel offers in-app publishers a simple & elegant solution to managing their demand stack, which is demand agnostic. eMarketer has cited “89% of publishers prefer a stand-alone mediation solution from a company that has no conflict of interest to sell their own demand first.” Through AdCel’s proprietary dynamic waterfall, which leverages behavioral data in conjunction with buyer eCPMs to deliver the most relevant ads to users, we generate the greatest level of performance for both the buyer and publisher.

Dynamic Waterfall Architecture – Simplified Example

AdCel’s proprietary SDK drives some of the highest effective CPMs and fill rates in the industry without any compromise to user experience. Our average fill rates for USA video inventory are over 99%, allowing publishers to divest dozens of poor performing SDKs in favor of one simple integration which can handle all of your monetization requirements. We make things simple – one account, one contract and one SDK to handle all of your apps’ monetization needs.  

AdCel allows publishers to access to the largest demand partners in the ecosystem under one simple line of code and supports all formats – Native, Video, Display and Audio.

Global Network Access into 40+ Top Quality Demand Partners

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