engage:BDR’s proprietary programmatic media buying solution, First-Impression, powers some of the largest brands in the world with high quality and highly differentiated brand safe inventory, designed with performance in mind. Our supply ecosystem is built on longstanding relationships with comScore top1000 publishers and top ranked mobile apps. We support display, video, native and audio, in addition to offering Influencer-based audience extension opportunities.





engage:BDR offers several layers of data integrations designed to drive campaign success. Our integrations with industry leaders such as Personagraph and Neustar, in addition to proprietary first-party data, enable efficient targeting and eliminate wasted media spends on audiences that are irrelevant.

For clients who leverage IconicReach, we are capable of offering second party data, based on performance data we receive through direct integrations on an influencer’s site or channel- either via page analytics pixels, or through direct clicks. This data collection method allows us to build lookalike audiences to target via our programmatic platform First-Impression; creating seamless audience extension opportunities and enabling advertisers to expand their footprint beyond social, delivering tremendous scale opportunities and defeating saturation.

Inventory Quality

We take fraud seriously! engage:BDR employs the most sophisticated 3rd party TQ vendor in the space. Our partnership with Pixalate enables engage:BDR to scan and measure every single impression request that hits our machines, way before they are impressions. In addition, engage:BDR’s proprietary in-house fraud detection technologies seek out anomalies between request vs. serve data to pinpoint and eliminate any fraud that is not caught via pre-bid detection. Our redundant approach to TQ, in addition to manually vetting and working with direct publishers ensures the highest quality, brand safe inventory for your brand.


We are IconicReach, a premier Influencer marketing platform focused on providing custom-tailored solutions for direct response advertisers. Our DNA is direct to consumer campaigns; our approach is very different than our competitors. We are a private, invite-only network and proud of the exclusivity! We ONLY work with influencers who have above average rates of engagement, who understand the art of seamlessly integrating a call to action that drives results. Our advertisers deserve nothing less.


Thoroughly vetted and qualified influencers


IconicReach offers brands the ability to leverage our scalable software to intelligently and effectively manage online influencer-based campaigns end-to-end. Our platform allows you to prospect the most relevant influencers to your exact audience using proprietary machine learning, coupled with our first-in-class vetting process to ensure you are working with the most influential creators. We help advertisers measure and optimize campaign effectiveness through comprehensive attribution reporting, offering complete insight on audience demographics, clicks, conversions, CPE, etc.

Premium Influencer Roster​

Our team hand-sources all members of our private, curated platform. We only work with accounts publishing high-quality content who demonstrate strong, genuine engagement. While we currently have existing reach across most verticals, we also have an expert team on hand who can custom-source any special requests for better fitting distribution..

Data-Driven Analytics

Our platform is data-driven by design. We calculate engagement metrics on all influencers to make your selection process easier, and provide performance tracking and metrics including online and offline attribution.

Hyper-Targeted Audiences

Influencer audiences opt-in to the community which they subscribe to, making influencer accounts great places for people with niche interests. Because of our early expertise with micro-influencers, we are able to create great scale from these highly-engaged, niche audiences that fit your brand.

Expert Account Management

Our expert team is available to help you manage the entire process. For custom campaigns, working with influencers on a one-off basis is incredibly difficult since there is no centralized way to source and evaluate accounts, negotiations about rates, terms, and content, payments, and measure performance. Our proprietary technology and experienced team make this process efficient and easy.

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