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Ted Dhanik Interview – Direct Marketing Gets a Facelift

Ted Dhanik of Engage BDR Talks Traffic Buying

Ted Dhanik, engageBDR CEO, Touts Ad Serving’s Need For Speed

comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top 50 U.S. Web Properties for September 2013

Media Post’s Omma DDM – Ted Dhanik Finding an Intelligent Market: Quality and Value In Offline and Online Data

Vote of Confidence: Ted Dhanik and Engage: BDR campaigned for future political gigs by working for free on Eric Garcetti’s mayoral campaign

CC ‘Trep Takeover – Ted Dhanik talks assembling the right team

Engage:BDR CEO Ted Dhanik Talks Los Angeles Mayor’s Race

Engage:BDR CEO Ted Dhanik Talks Political Display Advertising

#Winner: Huge Women 30+ Inventory Opens up for Media Buyers

Watch Andy Milonakis Drop a Verse About Nail Art for LuxeCoat

Ted Dhanik | Engage:BDR, LA Tech & the Marketing Scene

Ted Dhanik Speaking at the Columbia College ‘Trep Takeover Panel

Colleen Sumpter – EngageBDR on Integrating Video Ad Units into RTB at adtech 2013 in San Francisco

Engage:BDR, led by Ted Dhanik, ruled ad:tech

Lottogopher.com Wants to Sell You Lotto Tickets Online

Andy Milonakis Interviews Ted Dhanik of EngageBDR on Brand Marketing at adtech 2013 in San Francisco

Ted Dhanik of EngageBDR Interviews Andy Milonakis at adtech 2013 in San Francisco

Hyperlocal Political Ads Increase Target Accuracy Online

LottoGopher is live on Powerball in CA!

Ted Dhanik on Growing EngageBDR’s Office at LeadsCon 2013 Las Vegas

Sarah Wetzel of EngageBDR on Recruitment at LeadsCon 2013 Las Vegas

Ted Dhanik: Why Display Media Buying is a Complete Failure

Why Display Media Buying Fails – Ted Dhanik of EngageBDR

Improving Display Ad Results – Ted Dhanik of EngageBDR

The Future of Media with Engage:BDR

Ted Dhanik: Media Buying Rocks Here

Can’t Keep Up With Chris Brown’s Fights? Use This Handy Flow Chart

Marketers React to Facebook Integration Limits

Engage:BDR Introduces Jetpack Ad Management System To Performance Marketing Industry

HAHAJK Network presents Pop Goes The Culture with Guest Joel Madden

Ted Dhanik: Click-to-Call is Next Big Thing

HAHAJK Network Drives Wahoo’s Branding

What Comedy Can Do For You

First Impression Quickly Becomes Top RTB System

EngageBDR Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

Ted Dhanik’s engage: BDR Produces Cutting-edge Marketing Solutions

LottoGopher.com Taps CodeBaby to Assist California Residents When Choosing Lottery Tickets Online

engage:BDR Broadens RTB Analytics For Marketers Through Key Partnerships

Comedian Jamie Kennedy Talks Branded Content

Y Combinator-Backed LeanMarket Aims To Bring Real-Time Bidding To The Masses

Engage:BDR Selected as SodaHead’s Digital Ad Agency

SodaHead Taps Digital Advertising Firm Engage:BDR

engage:BDR Announces New Partnership, Questions Whether Premium RTB Is “Real” engage:BDR Announces New Partnership, Questions Whether Premium RTB Is “Real”

Content Apps Could Be First to Embrace Facebook Mobile Likes

LA Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti to Give Opening Keynote at Inaugural Silicon Beach Fest

Silicon Beach Hackathon – Hacking at a Beach Party? Only in LA!

Silicon Beach Fest Gathers Investors, VC’s, Incubators, Startups

TeleSign Verify Blocks Advertising Fraud for Digital Marketing Leader

engage:BDR Targets RTB Platform To Direct-Response Advertisers

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