Los Angeles, CA – August 2, 2018 – After completing successful due diligence, ASX listed engage:bdr (ASX:EN1) is pleased to announce acquisition of AdCel, a US-based digital media and advertising company. By acquiring AdCel, engage:BDR will increase current integrations to add over 6,000 exclusive new apps to its publisher supplier portfolio. This will significantly increase the combined Company’s advertising inventory available for sale.


“The acquisition of AdCel will allow engage:BDR to strengthen its value proposition to buyers and publishers alike. The proprietary technology powering AdCel’s SDK, and their track record for outperforming competitors in that arena, makes it a no-brainer for publishers to adopt. In addition to this, our buyers now stand to receive richer data through the bid request stream, allowing more efficient targeting of ads, delivering the most relevant advertisements to the audience engaging with the app.”

Ted Dhanik, engage:BDR CEO


AdCel also has a pipeline of additional integrations which will add to the engage:BDR existing and growing integration pipeline. AdCel’s 6,000+ exclusive App inventory will be able to be sold to engage:BDR’s current integrated buyers. This will effectively create a multiplier effect on engage:BDR’s revenue as it will significantly increase the number of publishers onto which the Company can sell inventory and at the same time allow AdCel clients to be sold onto engage:BDR sites.


“AdCel’s best-in class mobile programmatic platform reaches over 420mm users every month, amassing a dataset of over 1 billion mobile behavioral profiles, by combining this reach, dataset and unique tech platform with superior yield optimization with EngageBDR’s premium suite of publisher advertising solutions, we have created a truly global one-stop-shop mobile solution for publishers that is unparalleled in the world when it comes to maximizing inventory yields.”

Alec Andronikov, AdCel CEO


Frequently, mobile app publishers operate numerous apps that deliver a wide range of utilities, entertainment, games and other services. One of the difficulties experienced by app publishers is earning significant revenue from their particular application. AdCel enables their ad inventory to be aggregated, thereby delivering a much larger audience to advertisers. In turn, it empowers app publishers to capture much more significant advertising revenue, all optimized within one platform. Existing customers of AdCel include many of the world’s largest tech companies, including Google, Twitter, Amazon and Unity.


“AdCel team is very excited to join engage:BDR family – and instantly give mobile publishers even more benefits in their ads monetization strategies. Strong programmatic tech and audience-based mediation will create truly one-stop mobile publisher solution. This synergy will add more transparency to the advertiser/publisher chain, so all parties can achieve their goals more efficiently.”

Denys Kravchenko, AdCel CTO


About engage:BDR:

Founded in 2009, engage:BDR is a leading cross ­device advertising solution company, consistently recognized for powering outstanding, integrated Display and Video ad experiences. The world’s top advertisers and comScore’s top 1000 publishers depend on our innovative advertising and managed service solutions to drive KPIs ranging from the greatest reach to the longest time spent with media. Our industry­ wide role and collaboration to deliver innovations that make advertising and publishing better is core to our mission! Founded by several of the industry’s top pioneers, the company is private, profitable and growing to include providing brands with influencer marketing solutions with new platform, IconicReach. engage:BDR Limited (ASX:EN1) is publicly trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker code “EN1”.More information about engage:BDR can be found at http://engagebdr.com

About AdCel:

AdCel is a programmatic mobile mediation platform based in Los Angeles that utilizes real time bidding, machine learning, and behavioral / user datasets to generate higher ad revenue yield for app publishers. AdCel is integrated with over 40 demand partners on the demand side and 6,000+ publishers on the supply side.  AdCel’s core intellectual property is a Dynamic Waterfall Architecture (DWA), which leverages a proprietary schema to create a “unified auction” among demand partners to optimize yield. This technology enables AdCel to consistently outperform other platforms across multiple mobile ad units. Further details on the AdCel business can be viewed at the company’s website at https://adcel.co

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