Content Syndication Unit


engage:BDR’s Content Syndication Player lives in a page’s white space and can integrate optional publisher-branded frames. The player shows publisher video content, or premium and vertically relevant syndicated content, which is mixed in with InStream ad placements. The content player serves as a cost-free native ad for the publisher, while providing an engaging, content-driven unit available for campaign placement for advertisers.

For Advertisers: For Publishers:
  • New contextual opportunities for InStream Video placements
  • Premium, large-player execution
  • Incremental revenue
  • Improved site stickiness
  • High-touch creative control


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OutStream Units


engage:BDR OutStream units were created to solve an industry wide problem- the lack of high-quality Video placements at scale. We offer the CornerStream and ContentStream units, which offer a symbiotic solution by creating incremental Video inventory in large VAST players that don’t sacrifice quality.

For Advertisers:

  • 100% viewable units
  • Cross-device solution
  • Vast reach
For Publishers:

  • Turnkey solution
  • Incremental ad revenue
  • Creative control

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The CornerStream Unit animates in from the lower right corner of the page and is initiated upon page load. The CornerStream is a floating unit, and features a number of publisher implementation options.



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The ContentStream unit lives in the body of a written article. When the browser scroll touches 50% through the player space, the content splits apart to reveal the video player. Since it initiates through user action only, and pauses once the player reaches 50% off-screen, this unit is 100% viewable.