At engage:BDR, we pride ourselves on being a leader in the Video space, and are currently ranked in comScore’s coveted Top 10. To drive this scale, in addition to our traditional Video placements, we have developed a number of proprietary units that can help publishers create additional Video inventory on their sites and add incremental revenue. Learn more below about our Content Syndication Unit, and contact your Publisher Development representative or to discuss implementation!

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Content Syndication Unit

engage:BDR’s Content Syndication Player lives in a page’s white space and can integrate optional publisher-branded frames. The player shows publisher video content, or premium and vertically relevant syndicated content, which is mixed in with InStream ad placements. The content player serves as a cost-free native ad for the publisher, while providing an engaging, content-driven unit available for campaign placement for advertisers.




How it Works

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Benefits to Publishers

Our Content Syndication Network helps publishers increase revenue within their site. The Content Syndication Player does not compete with Display revenue, and can live in a page’s white space.

Publishers who utilize their own content within the player can lower their average bounce rate, as it creates a richer site experience with smoothly integrated video content. Content may feature a call to action directing users to watch further video content on another page within the site, improving average page depth.

Publishers without their own video content are able to utilize our premium video content across a slew of verticals. This content is updated often to stay fresh and relevant, and publishers maintain the ability to block any irrelevant or unwanted pieces.

The player, which was designed with user experience in mind, features user-initiated sound instead of auto-sound. Additionally, publishers can opt to start animation after initially showing a static image. The player can be customized with skins that promote publisher branding, integrating it cleanly into the site’s landscape.

engage:BDR believes that minimizing latency is especially key for preserving user experience. We use several measures to ensure this, including: Javascript code that is placed directly on the page, no iFrame depth, no multiple auctions, no ad server involvement, no heavy files, and no Flash.