Leading Cross-Device Advertising Solution Company Among the First to Pledge Certification to Rigorous Anti-Fraud Requirements Through TAG


The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an advertising industry initiative to fight criminal activity in the digital advertising supply chain, announced the launch of its cornerstone anti-fraud certification program, a seal program that recognizes companies as “Certified Against Fraud” after a rigorous anti-fraud requirements review has been completed. engage:BDR, a leading cross-device advertising solution company, is among the first companies in the industry to commit to this new certification program.

More than thirty leading digital advertising companies and ad agencies have already agreed to participate in the program and undergo TAG anti-fraud certification, including Amobee, AppNexus, Collective, comScore, DoubleVerify, Dstillery, engage:BDR, Exponential, Forensiq, Horizon Media, Index Exchange, Integral Ad Science, Interpublic Group, MediaMath, Moat, ndp, News Corp, Omnicom Group, OpenX, Publicis Worldwide, RhythmOne, Rocket Fuel, Rubicon Project, Sociomantic, sovrn, SpotX, TubeMogul, White Ops, WPP, Yahoo, and Zemanta.

Trust and transparency across the digital advertising supply chain is fundamental to engage:BDR’s mission to ensure its customers receive the most value and highest quality results. Recently, the company was among the first to achieve certification to the Inventory Quality Guidelines from TAG. In addition to engage:BDR’s TAG-registered status, the company has also been an active IAB leader in their many years as a member, participating in the invite-only Anti-Fraud Working Group actively before its move to a new home with TAG.

“engage:BDR continues to work progressively with publishers to combat factors which negatively affect inventory quality, including ad fraud. This certification is an important step for our company in helping to provide brands with the highest quality and most effective cross-channel advertising solutions,” stated Ted Dhanik, CEO of engage:BDR.

Recognizing and addressing ad fraud and malware are huge issues that will continue to grow unless leading advertising technology companies stand together to lead the industry in ensuring safety and security. engage:BDR is proud to take part in these leading initiatives. TAG helps provide centralized and standard universal systems for fraud prevention.

“Going forward, TAG will name and proclaim the companies leading the fight against digital ad fraud through a ‘Certified Against Fraud’ seal that recognizes their efforts to protect partners and customers,” said Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG. “Participants in the digital ad supply chain can now ask a simple question to tell if their partners have taken the necessary steps to fight ad fraud: ‘Are you TAG Certified Against Fraud?’ As more TAG anti-fraud seals are awarded, the cracks in our industry exploited by bad actors will also be sealed against their criminal endeavors.”

To obtain a TAG “Certified Against Fraud” seal, companies must comply with a set of guidelines related to their specific role in the digital advertising supply chain:

  • Direct buyers, such as advertisers and authorized advertiser agents (AAAs), must complete the TAG Registration process, have a designated TAG compliance officer, and comply with the Media Rating Council’s Invalid Traffic (IVT) Detection and Filtration Guidelines.
  • Direct sellers, such as publishers and authorized publisher agents (APAs), must comply with all steps required of buyers, as well as domain list filtering, data center IP list filtering, and publisher sourcing disclosure requirements.
  • Intermediaries, such as ad networks and other indirect buyers and sellers, must comply with all steps required of buyers, as well as domain list filtering, data center IP list filtering, and TAG’s Payment ID protocol.

More information about the specific requirements and application process for the TAG “Certified Against Fraud Seal” can be found on the TAG website.

The TAG “Certified Against Fraud” program is part of TAG’s interlocking efforts to eliminate fraudulent traffic, combat malware, fight Internet piracy, and promote transparency across the digital advertising supply chain. Each participating TAG company is eligible for a custom package for the certification processes related to its business, so it can apply for, receive, and use the relevant TAG seals in promoting its efforts to protect the digital advertising supply chain.


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