engage:BDR Rises Through comScore’s Top 10 Video Ad Properties

Ranked #9 in comScore’s January List

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engage:BDR is excited to announce that we have been ranked in the #9 spot in comScore’s Top Video Ad Properties for January! Our scale, which has swiftly grown since we entered the Video space, was clocked at over 55 million unique users, a number that we expect to continue rising as we grow. This reach is facilitated by an expanding roster of premium InStream publishers as well as the growth of our OutStream product, which has allowed many publishers to enter the Video space for the first time, providing new and unique contextual opportunities to our brand and agency clients. If you are interested in starting a campaign or integrating to access this reach, or if you own a digital property that you would like to monetize with Video placements, please contact us at info@engagebdr.com!