Shizio Pictures

Partner Description:

Schizo Pictures is a forward thinking transmedia-production company established to create original content that will serve a wide variety of content partners and distribution platforms, with an emphasis on the horror, sci-fi and thriller genres.

Founded by Daniel Myrick, co-writer/co-director of The Blair Witch Project, Schizo establishes a cross-platform brand that will become synonymous with high-quality, genre content monetized through a variety of traditional and newly emerging revenue streams. Myrick utilized his related experiences and skills to create Schizo Pictures, a transmedia production company developing online, television and feature projects, with partner Shawn Papazian. Papazian and Myrick will serve as producers for all upcoming projects associated with the joint venture.

Engage:BDR has set up a partnership with Schizo Pictures for 2012 to release multiple web-series projects through the engage:BDR display network, with brand integration opportunities, such as: