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Team Advisors

Behind every great company, there are great pets! Engage:BDR believes that our pets are an integral part of our company culture. We recognize that pets are an important part of our employees’ lives and bringing them to work increases morale, productivity, and camaraderie among employees.


pet 05

A french bulldog, is 3 years old, stubborn, energetic, and a real people person (with women especially)!


pet 06

A terrier/spaniel mix who enjoys car rides, belly rubs, and Dodger games.


pet 16

Justice is a very calm, affectionate and lazy female dog.


pet 15

Boba is a six year old Alley Cat from the mean streets of El Segundo. He’s extremely social, cuddly, fat and awkward.


pet 17

Also known as “Charamucs,” Twinkie was a rascal, always chasing and nibbling Justice. She is very active, protective and she loves to go for walks.


pet 02

Born in Simi Valley, California, Buck loves to swim, climb, and play with anyone, anything, anytime. He enjoys sleeping on the couch and doesn’t like it when his owner Kurtis sleeps in.


pet 13

A 5 year old Pug mix, Georgie is a member of the engage:BDR security team. However, he’s not very good at his job because he loves strangers and showers them with kisses!

Colonel Mustard

pet 14

This orange and white tabby has recently retired after three tours of duty with the French Foreign Legion. Most notably, he led the successful capture of Al Salman at an Airport in Iraq as part of Operation Daguet in September ’09.


pet 04

Born on April 11, 2010, in East LA, Spock is friendly (towards humans), spontaneous, adventurous — and can fetch a ball like nobody else. He is an extremely fast sprinter, likes to fetch, run, hike, and he’s very attracted to female dogs.


pet 08

Willow is an 11 year old Maltese. He’s a sweet and loyal companion, foodie, and snuggler.


pet 11

Ebi is a 4 year old Morkie (a Maltese + Yorkie mix) She’s sweet, girly, loyal and energetic. She loves cuddling, sleeping in, morning lattes, and sunbathing.


pet 12

This 2 year old micro teacup Maltese goes by the name of Oti. He’s extremely friendly and always happy.


pet 07

Hefner is a 12 year old cream point Himalayan. He is every bit a lion king.


pet 09

Eskimo is 5 years old, and a shaded silver Persian. She’s currently on a sabbatical in SF.

Pita Kiwi

pet 10

Pita Kiwi is a 4 year old silver shaded Persian. She loves people, food, people food, and taking in the city view at night.

Mini Lollita

pet 20

This 5yr-old stealth cat and super snuggler, will forget who you are if you are gone for more than two days. Mini refuses to eat out of a bowl because she’s royalty. She is a part-time model with extremely fishy breath.


pet 03

Born on November 1, 2002 in Chicago, Chloe is friendly, spontaneous, adventurous — and can catch a goldfish like nobody else. She loves pizza, chinese food, cheese burgers and french fries. She dreams to succeed in TV land and eventually get a house, a husband, and a Beaver Cleaver family.


pet 19

This 6yr-old, Tortoise-Shell color lumpy girl specializes in lumps. Festoona, or “Big Tuna” is the alpha-female who lumbers around the house eating and scratching. Don’t get in her way unless you want to get flattened, and don’t pick her up when she has the “crazy eyes,” unless you like bleeding.


pet 01

This hot stud makes a perfect 10! He is an American Pit-bull who enjoys interacting with human beings, especially with kids, and loves running and sliding down the hallway and curling up on his little flat bed! He enjoys long walks on the beach, especially when the moon is out, and riding in convertibles with the top down while listening to music. Candlelight dinners will have him eating out of your hand. LAKERS/RAIDERS/DODGERS #1 fan!


pet 18

In just 3years Jack has traveled the world. Born in the state of Idaho Jack quickly grew up in New York city and Los Angeles. Sometimes mistaken for Kurt Rambas, Jack is a local celebrity for his fun outgoing personality and avid sport adventures. You can find Jack crunching numbers or listening to country music in his spear time. Yes, he’s even on Twitter @JacksonDegman


pet 21

Puma is one year old, and is addicted to drinking water straight from the faucet. If you’re brushing your teeth and don’t move aside for him to jump up and get a drink, there will be trouble.


pet 22

Mocha is what people call a “bad kitty”. At just six months old, she has already been convicted on three felony counts. Her latest conviction was for tipping over and shattering a glass vase full of flowers.


pet 23

Polly is a 14 year old tuxedo cat. She enjoys napping, drooling on strangers, and ignoring her family.


pet 24

Nema is a new addition to her fish tank. So far, she loves spending time in the poisonous anemone, which is pictured behind her.


pet 25

Dino is 2 years of age and is one lovable Savannah Monitor lizard who is overly obsessed with boiled eggs! He simply loves to take baths and tan outside on a hot summer day! He loves to be read to sleep and gently being pet on the head. Dare to have a starring contest with him and guarantee, you’ll lose!


pet 26

Daisy is a pug less than a year old. She is a very hyper dog who craves attention like a Hollywood superstar. She loves to eat hair and play with anyone willing to give her a belly rub.


pet 26

Miyagi is a 3 month old Silver Persian. He’s not sure if he’s a kitten or a puppy since he’s being raised around both. He purrs louder than he meows and is always up for a little mischief!